About Photography and i

I am currently a student at Fredonia State University in Western New York.  I major in Geology and have a minor in Visual Arts/New Media.  I've always had a fascination with photography and the beautiful moments I've been able to capture in a photo.  I have aspirations to become a Glaciologist and Adventure Photographer as I continue down this path.  My love for photography started at a young age when my family bought the "family digital camera" and i was the one always hogging it whenever i could.  I continued with this passion by always making it a point to adventure new places and take pictures.  Nature inspires me.    


I want to inspire others to follow their passions like I do through my images.  I also want to share the serene beauty of the planet to those who are unable to travel. I want to encourage anyone who sees the photos to preserve the Earth, so their children's children are able to view this incredible planet as we do today.  


I am young, but that has never stopped me. 


"But the most beautiful things in life are not things.  They're people and places, memories and pictures.  They're feelings and moments and smiles and laughter."


I have an eye for potential in the strangest of places. 

Skills Include:

  • Still Life
  • Landscapes
  • Dangerous Places
  • Telling a story through a single image

Pictures from travels far and wide

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